Minced meat and baader production

Production is carried out from fresh raw materials only and under regular laboratory control (SGS Hungária Kft.). Our production facility complies with high technological, veterinary and sanitary requirements. This allows us to provide our partners the ready product of highest quality!


At present, our company has a capacity of 200 tons per week, which has been achieved by very large capital investments. The following planned investments will allow us to increase the volume of weekly production to 300 tons during 2020


In 2021, our company was inspected and received permission to manufacture HALAL products, which is confirmed by the corresponding certificate.

Thus, we use HALAL raw materials for the production. Our MDM is a corresponding certified product.


Average physicochemical parameters, BAADER:


There is a by-product received in the production process which is bones residue. It is one of the most important raw material at animal petfood production. We receive 60 tons of this kind of product weekly.


Average physicochemical parameters:


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