Olimp-Frost Kft operates in the north-eastern region of Hungary, the company's headquarters and production facility are located in Újfehértó.


Our products are supplied with HU 161 EC plant number. Our factory meets all the requirements for cutting, packing and freezing poultry, pork and beef.


The whole territory of our plant covers nearly one hectare. In 2016 we started expansion works in terms of large scale investment as the result of increasing market demand, during which a more technologically advanced, modern plant and office unit will be handed over. As a part of the development, a parking lot for 10 trucks will be built also. Negotiations about purchasing our own refrigerated trucks are already underway for fast and accurate deliveries.


Since September 2017 our company deals with production of high quality chicken mecanically deboned meat / baader. We pay very much attention to regular quality control of fresh chicken products, which are the raw material for our baader production. This allows us to satisfy demands of our regular and new customers without any claims.


Our raw material suppliers are the major Hungarian companies such as Tranzit Food Kft., Master Good Kft., Hungerit Zrt., Várda-Baromfihús Kft. SC AAYLEX PROD SA (CocoRico Brand), EU POULTRY, s.r.o. are our regular suppliers from outside Hungary also.


Kebab / gyros production has been implemented as a new profile in our company's activity. The introduction of this product is the result of almost one year planning. So currently our factory has a modern, 90% mechanized proper production technology. In the domestic market our products are supplied to store shelves through several retailers and wholesalers. In addition to pre-chilled and frozen products we also undertake the production of pickled, seasoned products in shielding gas, tray or vacuum packaging as per customer’s requirements.


Foreign trade is one of the fundamental activities of our company. We stand straight on national market and keep regular partnership outside our country. The best indicators of this sector are the figures.


Taking into account the market needs, we consider the primary goal to be the production and sale of products that, in addition to their good quality, can be placed on the market at a favorable price and will reach consumers. We strive for constant innovation in our packaging by constantly developing our packaging techniques, and we strive to satisfy customer needs to the fullest extent while achieving the highest possible warranty period.


In the interests of the environment, we pay special attention to reducing the use of materials and the proper management of production waste.


The successful operation of our company in the long period can only be ensured if we adapt the quality of our products to the current needs of the international and domestic markets. Recently food quality and safety have become an increasing focus. Our company pays special attention to hygiene and the operation of food safety systems. Quality management is a natural part of the daily work of our plant professionals.


The use of food security system guarantees that our products provide a high level of food safety and the greatest possible enjoyment for our consumers. Our goal is to produce safe food products which is supported by a built-in and fully operated HACCP system.


The production complies in all respects with the requirements of the European Union.



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