Since 2017 our company deals with production of high quality chicken mecanically deboned meat / baader. We pay very much attention to regular quality control of fresh chicken products, which are the raw material for our baader production. This allows us to satisfy demands of our regular and new customers without any claims.


Our raw material suppliers are the major Hungarian companies such as Tranzit Food Kft., Master Good Kft., Hungerit Zrt., Her-Csi-Hús Kft., Várda-Baromfihús Kft.


There are new products in the assortment of our company like kebab and gyros. It took us almost a year to complete this project and in result our company has acquired 90% automated modern technology suitable for this production.


Foreign trade is one of the fundamental activities of our company. We stand straight on national market and keep regular partnership outside our country. The best indicators of this sector are the figures. We have exported more than 5000 tons of frozen meat to third countries in 2017.



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